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Thomas Nicholls and Oli Vern make up the DJ duo 'The Nicholls DJs'.
The pair have been with The Beat Forum three weeks after it was founded.
Thomas has been DJing for nearly 30 years. From bedroom DJ in the 90's, to club DJ in Norwich throughout the 2000's.

After a break from the decks, Thomas found his passion again thanks to lockdown.
After the draw of online streaming saw Thomas purchase a new controller. His 10 year old son Oli fancied a go, and was instantly hooked. DJ Oli Vern was born!
The two have now been with streaming live shows for over two years, being viewed/listened to in countries all over the world.

You can follow them on thier socials:
Instagram: @thenichollsdjs
Facebook: @TheNichollsDJs

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