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Being born and raised in Gary, IN, he picked up his musical tastes from my family consisting of rap, R&B, jazz, and blues but then he took interest in what is commonly referred to as old school house music. He studied and learned the basic techniques of mixing by listening to the Hot Mix 5 on WBMX in Chicago, IL. His favorite was Ralphie "The Razz" Rosario because of his smooth transitions between songs and his song choices. Mix-Master Einstein mixes many forms of house and EDM, but also disco, old school R&B and hip hop. Mixing music has always been his creative therapy and an outlet for him by letting the music lead the way and then sharing his creations with whomever has open ears, open heart, and open mind.

You can follow them on thier socials:
Instagram: @MixMasterEinstein
Facebook: MixmasterEinstein
Twitch: MixMasterEinstein

Mixcloud: MixmasterEinstein
TikTok: MixMasterEinstein

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