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Started working in nightclubs in the Midlands in July 1986 as a Glass Collector then moved to Lighting Jockey soon after. In 1988 he moved clubs and became resident lighting Joc and warm-up/ stand-in DJ for a further 6 years. After then he gave up working in clubs and travelled up and down the UK clubbing through the 90’s. Loving clubs such as Gatecrasher, Progress, Renaissance, Swoon, Cream and more close to home The Canal Club (plus a few illegal raves) Always having Technics 1210s at home he just spun vinyl for fun picking up odd gigs in local clubs playing house music. Recent years, and currently, he plays weekly residencies in bars and clubs, and even mobile private/ corporate events and due to Covid restrictions he started streaming his sets weekly online (Facebook / Mixcloud) becoming an open-format DJ and entertaining people in Lockdown through the group The Beat Forum.

You can follow them on thier socials:
Instagram: @djandysharps
Facebook: @djandysharps

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